Working Sheepdog League

Working Sheepdog League - for all visually obvious non registered Border Collie types (not crossbreeds).  Click on any dog name to see their show results 
  • This is an additional league and therefore subject to additional league fees to enter.
  • Points in this Working Sheepdog League are total points accumulated for each dog gained in all classes at Crufts, Capped, Open and Championship Shows 

Working Sheepdog League League is Sponsored by

Millies Wolfheart Dog Food
Position Dog Breed Handler Points
1Knick Knack Dewi MacWorking SheepdogNerys Thomas9
2Aurora Of CalanhafWorking SheepdogNerys Thomas8
3Whyso AmazzinWorking SheepdogShirley Budgen7
3To The Moon Right BackWorking SheepdogVictoria Spibey7
5Boom Bang-a-bangWorking SheepdogSharon Webley0
5Herda RuemourWorking SheepdogNicky Marrable0
5Silver Merry MakerWorking SheepdogLiz Morris0
5Milo Of WellingWorking SheepdogBarbara Potter0
5Jenimi JaiWorking SheepdogJenny Morris (handled By Roz Dawson)0
5Baldersbury Disco DivaWorking SheepdogKaren Dalgleish0
5Borderlair Ne Yo TemptationWorking SheepdogChrissie Skelly0
5Carricks Popping CandyWorking SheepdogMaggie Mcdevitt0
5Truggers Blue OnyxWorking SheepdogJacqueline Kelly0
5Whyso On A WhimWorking SheepdogShirley Budgen0
5Its Jaros No Doubt Ow CexWorking SheepdogMichelle Verrill0


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