Results for - DeeAnn Reckless Eric

Handler : Katrina Arnold
Breed : Border Collie
Date Show Class Place Points
01/10/2022Elm Park Dog Training ClubNovice47
10/09/2022Micheldever Obedience Training ClubNovice47
28/08/2022Chesvale Dog Training ClubNovice56
17/07/2022Culverstone Dog Training ClubNovice56
28/11/2021Downlands Obedience GroupBeginner110
31/10/2021Downlands Obedience GroupBeginner38
03/10/2021Elm Park Dog Training ClubBeginner110
30/08/2021Woodman Obedience ShowBeginner65
22/08/2021Ditton Dog Training ClubBeginner47
21/08/2021Ditton Dog Training ClubBeginner29
18/08/2021Culverstone Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner110
16/08/2021Anglian Acorns Obedience GroupPre-Beginner110
01/08/2021Halstead Dog Obedience ClubPre-Beginner29
25/07/2021North West Kent Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner65
25/07/2021North West Kent Dog Training ClubBeginner56
24/07/2021North West Kent Dog Training ClubBeginner29
16/07/2021BAGSD Oxhey And DistrictPre-Beginner29
16/07/2021BAGSD Oxhey And DistrictBeginner29
11/07/2021Winchester Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner29
11/07/2021Winchester Dog Training ClubBeginner47
27/06/2021South Eastern Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner29
26/06/2021Billingshurst Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner29


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