Results for - Erikachen Feidhelm At Tollerice

Handler : Samantha Rice
Breed : Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Date Show Class Place Points
26/05/2019Exeter DTC Open ShowClass C56
22/07/2018Somerset Obedience SocietyClass B47
17/06/2018Sherborne ValeClass B110
06/05/2018ChesvaleClass B38
28/04/2018AylesburyClass B47
28/10/2017GSD Of DevonClass B47
10/09/2017Coventry Champ ShowClass B38
03/09/2017Lichfield Open ShowClass B56
02/09/2017Lichfield Championship ShowClass B29
13/08/2017Bath Alsation DTCClass B29
06/08/2017Hatchford Brook Open ShowClass B38
05/08/2017Hatchford Brook Championship ShowClass B56
29/07/2017Burnham On SeaClass B110
08/07/2017Coventry DTCClass B65
10/06/2017GSD Of DevonClass B56
02/04/2017GSD Of WalesClass B47
22/10/2016WOEBCCLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)38
18/09/2016Birmingham And District GSD Association Open ShowClass B110
17/09/2016Birmingham And District GSD Association Championship ShowClass A56
10/09/2016Thames Dog Training Club Championship ShowClass A38
29/08/2016WorcesterClass A47
28/08/2016WorcesterClass A29
27/08/2016CheltenhamClass B47
24/07/2016Somerset Obedience SocietyClass A110
24/07/2016Somerset Obedience SocietyClass B65
10/07/2016Winchester Championship ShowClass A110
10/07/2016Winchester Championship ShowClass B65
23/04/2016OxheyClass B47
27/03/2016Midland Border Collie ClubClass B47
10/03/2016Crufts - Inter Regionals - Class A - South West Team 2ndCrufts (All Class Levels)29
10/03/2016Crufts - Inter Regionals - Class A - Individual 2ndCrufts (All Class Levels)29


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