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Handler : Anne Northfield
Breed : Border Collie
Date Show Class Place Points
03/10/2021Elm ParkChampionship C56
12/09/2021Micheldever.Class C47
11/09/2021Micheldever.Class C38
22/08/2021Ditton DTCChampionship C47
21/08/2021Ditton DTCClass C47
19/08/2021Culverstone DTCClass C56
19/08/2021Culverstone DTCChampionship C56
01/08/2021Halstead D,O,CChampionship C29
25/07/2021North West Kent. D.T.C.Class C29
24/07/2021North West Kent. D.T.C.Championship C38
16/07/2021Oxhey.Class C47
16/07/2021Oxhey And DistChampionship C65
02/07/2021East Anglian 5 Of Clubs.Class C110
27/06/2021South Eastern DTSClass C29
26/06/2021Billingshurst DTC.Class C38
06/06/2021Bracknell Dog Club.Class C29
13/10/2019Anglian AcornsClass C110
29/09/2019Southern GSDClass C38
01/09/2019Great Baddow.Class C65
18/08/2019Ditton D.T.C.Championship C65
18/08/2019Ditton D.T.C.Championship C38
17/08/2019Ditton D.T.C.Class C65
04/08/2019Halstead Dog Ob Club.Class C38
28/07/2019North West Kent.Class C65
27/07/2019North West Kent.Championship C110
27/07/2019North West Kent.Class C110
21/07/2019Culverstone Dog Training Club.Championship C65
14/07/2019WinchesterChampionship C38
13/07/2019CoventryChampionship C56
29/06/2019St Edwards.Class C38
19/06/2019Billingshurst.Class C47
16/06/2019SurreyClass C65
16/06/2019Surrey.Championship C65
02/06/2019Petersfield And District.Class C38
27/05/2019WoodmansClass C29
18/05/2019Warlingham.D.T.CClass C110
27/04/2019AylesburyClass C38
18/08/2018Ditton D.T.C.Class C47
04/08/2018Ramsden Bellhouse.Class C47
28/07/2018Witham And DistrictClass C65
21/07/2018North West Kent.Class C110
07/07/2018St EdwardsClass C65
01/07/2018Cippenham (Slough) D.T.CClass C65
24/06/2018South EasternClass C65
17/06/2018Surrey.Class C38
10/06/2018NewburyClass C65
03/06/2018PetersfieldClass C38
03/06/2018PetersfieldChampionship C29
28/04/2018Aylesbury C T SClass C110
21/04/2018B.A.G.S.D. Oxhey BranchClass C29
18/08/2012WoburnClass C47
18/08/2012WoburnChampionship C56
18/10/2007Thurrock D.T.C.Class C38
18/10/2006Elm Park.Class C29
01/01/1970North West Kent. D.T.C.Class C29


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