Results for - Osketra Sirius (Retired From Leagues 2020)

Handler : Kit Clow
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Date Show Class Place Points
06/10/2019Thurrock DTSClass B29
22/09/2019BAGSD LtdClass B29
21/09/2019BAGSD LtdClass B47
15/09/2019Norfolk Broads DTCClass B65
17/08/2019Ditton DTCClass B29
07/07/2019East Anglian Five Of ClubsClass B38
06/07/2019East Anglian Five Of ClubsClass B47
29/06/2019St Edwards DTCClass B47
23/06/2019South Eastern DTSClass B47
09/06/2019Anglian Acorns Obedience GroupClass B56
01/06/2019West Suffolk DTSClass B29
26/05/2019The Plantation Park WeekendClass B29
25/05/2019The Planation Park WeekendClass B47
27/04/2019Aylesbury Canne TSClass B110
23/09/2018BAGSDClass B38
15/09/2018BGSDAClass B29
25/08/2018CheltenhamClass B47
18/08/2018Ditton DTCClass A47
12/08/2018Woburn & District DTCClass A47
11/08/2018Woburn & District DTCClass A29
04/08/2018Ramsden BellhouseClass A47
22/07/2018North West KentClass B38
30/06/2018Bracknell DTCClass B38
24/06/2018South EasternClass A29
24/06/2018South EasternClass B110
02/06/2018Basingstoke & District DTCClass B29
27/05/2018The Plantation Park WeekendClass A110
09/03/2018Crufts Inter-Regional - Class ACrufts (All Class Levels)65
09/03/2018Crufts Inter - Regional - South East And East Anglia Team - Class ACrufts (All Class Levels)29
09/12/2017National Obedience Class FinalsClass A38
30/09/2017Elm Park DTCClass A110
20/08/2017Ditton DTCClass A29
20/08/2017Ditton DTCClass B29
19/08/2017Ditton DTCClass A56
30/07/2017Halstead Dog Obedience ClubClass B56
25/06/2017South Eastern DTSNovice29
24/06/2017Billingshurst DTCNovice110
29/05/2017The Plantation Park WeekendNovice110
28/05/2017The Plantation Park WeekendNovice29
27/05/2017The Plantation Park WeekendNovice65
07/05/2017Chesvale DTCNovice29
29/04/2017Aylesbury Canine Training SocietyNovice110
22/04/2017BAGSD Oxhey & DistrictNovice38


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