Results for - Princess Vanessa Of Man Beg Ex

Handler : Susan Bigg
Breed : Papillon
Date Show Class Place Points
10/08/2018Royal Manx Agricultural Society Open Obedience ShowBeginner47
30/06/2018Ramsey Dog Training ClubBeginner65
17/06/2018Isle Of Man Dog ClubBeginner56
16/06/2018Isle Of Man Dog ClubBeginner47
12/08/2017Royal Manx Agricultural SocietyBeginner56
11/08/2017Royal Manx Agricultural SocietyBeginner47
08/07/2017Ramsey Dog ClubBeginner29
18/06/2017Isle Of Man Dog ClubBeginner29
17/06/2017Isle Of Man Dog ClubBeginner38
25/03/2017UK Toy Dog Society - NoviceLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)56
12/08/2016Royal Manx Agricultural ShowBeginner29
10/07/2016Ramsey Dog Training ClubBeginner47
09/07/2016Ramsey Dog Training ClubBeginner47
19/06/2016Isle Of Man Dog ClubBeginner56
26/03/2016UK Toy Dog Society Limit ShowLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)29


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