Results for - Altricia Lace In Love

Handler : Maggie Moran
Breed : Border Collie
Date Show Class Place Points
21/10/2017East GrinsteadClass A65
03/09/2017Great Baddow DtcClass B56
12/08/2017Woburn And District DtcClass A29
29/07/2017Witham DtcClass A47
25/06/2017South Eastern DTCClass B56
25/09/2016Southern GSDClass B65
14/08/2016Woburn And District DtcClass A47
13/08/2016Woburn And District DTCClass B65
30/07/2016Witham DtsClass B38
19/06/2016Surrey DtcNovice56
05/06/2016Peters Field DTSClass B110
07/05/2016Aylesbury CTSClass B110


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