Results for - Dunburgh Taylor Boy

Handler : Lesley Nichols
Breed : Golden Retriever
Date Show Class Place Points
23/06/2019South Eastern DTCClass B65
09/06/2019Anglian AcornsClass B65
18/05/2019WarlinghamClass B56
05/05/2019ChesvaleClass B29
13/04/2019OxheyClass B56
08/03/2019Crufts - Inter Regional South East & East Anglia Team - TeamCrufts (All Class Levels)110
08/03/2019Crufts - Inter Regional South East & East Anglia Team - IndividualCrufts (All Class Levels)38
24/02/2019North West KentClass B38
17/02/2019CulverstoneClass B38
25/11/2018CulverstoneClass A29
14/10/2018Anglian AcornsClass A29
14/10/2018Anglian AcornsClass B29
07/10/2018Thurrock DTSClass A47
07/10/2018ThurrockClass B47
30/09/2018Southern GSDClass A65
16/09/2018Norfolk BroadsClass A29
16/09/2018Norfolk BroadsClass B110
02/09/2018Gt BaddowClass A38
19/08/2018DittonClass A47
29/07/2018HalsteadClass A38
29/07/2018HalsteadClass B38
28/07/2018WithamClass A47
28/07/2018WithamClass B29
22/07/2018NWKClass A110
15/07/2018Spalding And District Dog Training ClubClass A38
01/07/2018East Anglian Five Of ClubsClass A65
26/05/2018Plantation ParkClass A47
19/05/2018WarlinghamClass A65
19/05/2018WarlinghamClass B110
28/04/2018AylesburyClass B38
28/04/2018AylesburyClass A47
21/04/2018OxheyClass A38
09/03/2018Crufts Inter - Regional South East & East Anglia TeamCrufts (All Class Levels)29
25/02/2018NWKClass B65
01/10/2017ThurrockClass A38
01/10/2017ThurrockClass B56
03/09/2017Gt BaddowClass A29
23/07/2017NWKClass A38
23/07/2017NWKClass B38
11/06/2017NewmarketClass B47
20/05/2017WarlinghamClass B56
14/05/2017CulverstoneClass A38
10/03/2017Crufts - Inter Regional - Individual Class ACrufts (All Class Levels)29
10/03/2017Crufts - Inter Regional -South East & East Anglia Team ResultCrufts (All Class Levels)38
04/09/2016Gt BaddowClass A47
21/08/2016DittonClass B56
14/08/2016WoburnClass A56
14/08/2016WoburnClass B65
31/07/2016HalsteadClass A65
19/06/2016NewmarketClass A65
05/06/2016West SuffolkClass A65
30/05/2016WoodmanClass A56
29/05/2016Plantation ParkClass A65
21/05/2016WarlinghamClass A65
14/02/2016HalsteadClass A47


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