Results for - Go Wild For Expressebury

Handler : Pat Thompson
Breed : Working Sheepdog
Date Show Class Place Points
14/10/2018SWCOGClass C47
02/09/2018Lichfield & District DTSClass C29
15/07/2018SWCOGClass C56
27/05/2018Exeter DTCClass C65
12/05/2018South CotswoldClass C65
08/10/2017Plymouth DTCClass C65
02/09/2017LichfieldClass B47
28/08/2017Worcester DTCClass B38
26/08/2017Cheltenham DTCClass C65
13/08/2017Bath Alsatian TCClass C38
30/07/2017Burnham On Sea CTCClass B110
23/07/2017SOSClass B56
22/07/2017SOSClass B65
15/07/2017SWCOGClass B47
18/06/2017Sherborne ValeClass B47
28/05/2017Exeter DTCClass B29
27/05/2017Exeter DTCClass B38
08/04/2017West Of England BC Limit Show - Test BLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)38
29/10/2016GSD Club Of DevonClass B29
22/10/2016West Of England Border Collie Club - Limit Show - Class BLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)56
01/10/2016Plymouth DTCClass B65
25/09/2016BAGSD Birmingham North BranchClass B56
24/09/2016BAGSD LtdClass B65
18/09/2016Birmingham & District GSD AssociationClass B110
11/09/2016BAGSD SouthernClass B38
10/09/2016Thames DtcClass B29
04/09/2016Lichfield DTCClass B38
03/09/2016Lichfield DTCClass B47
29/08/2016Worcester DTCClass B47
31/07/2016Burnham On Sea CTCClass B47
24/07/2016Somerset Obedience SocietyClass B47
23/07/2016Somerset Obedience SocietyClass B65
25/06/2016Carmarthen CSClass B65
19/06/2016Sherborne DTCClass B38
12/06/2016Solihull DTC OpenClass B47
29/05/2016Exeter DTCClass B38
14/05/2016South Cotswold DTCClass B65
03/04/2016GSD Club Of WalesClass B29
02/04/2016West Of England BC Club - Limit - Class BLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)29


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