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Handler : Sandra White
Breed : Golden Retriever
Date Show Class Place Points
17/11/2018Wigton DTCClass C56
12/08/2018Danesford Obedience DTCClass C47
02/12/2017Reedyford DTCClass C65
01/10/2017BAGSD HuddesfieldClass C65
23/09/2017BAGSD LtdClass C38
16/09/2017Birmingham And District GSD AssociationClass C56
22/07/2017Derby And District DTCClass B56
02/07/2017Chadkirk DTCClass B65
25/06/2017Preston And Fylde GSD ClubClass B110
21/05/2017Loughborough DTCClass B110
20/05/2017Loughborough DTCClass B29
14/05/2017Wirral ATSClass B65
23/04/2017BAGSD South Birmingham BranchClass B65
08/04/2017North Wales GSD ClubClass B38
04/03/2017Reedyford DTCClass B110
27/11/2016The GSD (Alsation) Club Of The UKClass B47
13/11/2016Preston And Fylde GSD ClubClass B47
16/10/2016Sheffield GSD SocietyClass B29
09/10/2016Cheshire Dog Training AssociationClass A65
02/10/2016BAGSD HuddesfieldClass A65
25/09/2016BA GSD Birmingham North BranchClass A56
24/09/2016BA For GSD Ltd Champ ShowClass B29
17/09/2016Birmingham And District GSD AssociationClass A110
11/09/2016Coventry DTCClass B56
03/09/2016Lichfield DtcClass A38
21/08/2016York City DtcClass A65
21/08/2016York City DtcClass B65
14/08/2016Danesford DTCClass A29
06/08/2016Lune Valley DtcClass A47
31/07/2016Newton Heath DTCClass B47
23/07/2016Derby And District DTCClass A47
23/07/2016Derby And District D T CClass B29
17/07/2016NatsClass A47
17/07/2016NATsClass B56
02/07/2016Chadkirk DTCClass B38
19/06/2016Chalfield DtcClass A65
05/06/2016Cheshire Dog Training AssociationClass B38
02/06/2016Border Collie Club Of WalesClass A110
02/06/2016Border Collie Club Of WalesClass B56
21/05/2016Loughborough DTCClass B29
17/04/2016BAGSD Birmingham South BranchClass A110
27/02/2016Reedyford DtcClass A65
27/02/2016Reedyford DtcClass B56


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