Results for - Sunnydean Heart Of Gold

Handler : Sally Wheeler
Breed : Border Collie
Date Show Class Place Points
21/04/2018Oxhey And DistrictNovice65
18/02/2018Culverstone DTC Capped Open Obedience ShowNovice56
01/10/2017Thurrock DTSNovice56
24/09/2017Southern GSDNovice47
20/08/2017Ditton DtcNovice38
05/08/2017Ramsden Bellhouse DTCNovice110
22/07/2017North West Kent DTCNovice65
29/05/2017Woodman Open Obedience ShowBeginner110
20/05/2017Warlingham DTCBeginner38
14/05/2017Culverstone DTCBeginner38
22/04/2017Oxhey And District Open Obedience ShowBeginner29
15/10/2016East Grinstead And District DTCBeginner38
01/10/2016Elm Park DTCBeginner29
25/09/2016Southern GSD Training ClubBeginner110
03/09/2016Ramsden Bellhouse DTC Open Obedience ShowBeginner47
21/08/2016Ditton DTC Open ShowBeginner29
20/08/2016Ditton DTCBeginner38
14/08/2016St Edwarsd DTC Open ShowBeginner38
26/06/2016South Eastern Dog Training Society Open ShowPre-Beginner47
25/06/2016Billingshurst DTC Open ShowPre-Beginner56
11/06/2016St Edwards DTCIntroductory56
11/06/2016St Edwards DTCPre-Beginner38
30/05/2016Woodman OpenPre-Beginner56
21/05/2016Warlingham DTCPre-Beginner56
15/05/2016Culverstone Dog Training ClubIntroductory110
15/05/2016Culverstone Dog Training ClubPre-Beginner47
14/05/2016Culverstone DTCIntroductory110
14/05/2016Culverstone DTCPre-Beginner110
14/05/2016Culverstone DTCBeginner56
23/04/2016Oxhey And DistrictPre-Beginner29
23/04/2016Oxhey And DistrictBeginner65
07/02/2016North West Kent DTC- IntroductoryLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)47
07/02/2016North West Kent DTC - Pre BeginnerLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)29
07/02/2016North West Kent DTC - BeginnerLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)29
31/01/2016Culverstone Dg Training Club Obedience ShowLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)110
31/01/2016Culverstone Dg Training Club Obedience ShowLimit Shows (only relevant in 2016 & 2017)38


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