Results for - Tazaeos Diablo

Handler : Sarah Delany
Breed : Border Collie
Date Show Class Place Points
25/11/2018GSD Alsatian Of UKClass C56
27/10/2018National Obedience Class FinalsClass C110
21/10/2018Sheffield GSDClass C47
06/10/2018Elm Park ChClass C38
30/09/2018Southern GSDClass C29
22/09/2018BAGSD ChClass C38
27/08/2018Worcester ChClass C47
29/07/2018Halstead ChClass C29
21/07/2018NW Kent ChClass C47
03/06/2018Petersfield ChClass C56
06/05/2018Rugby ChClass C65
28/04/2018AylesburyClass C38
18/02/2018The GSD(Alsatian) Club Of UKClass C65
21/10/2017East Grinstead ChClass C38
01/10/2017ThurrockClass C65
05/08/2017Ramsden BellhouseClass C56
29/07/2017WithamClass C110
02/10/2016ThurrockClass C47
01/10/2016Elm ParkClass C56
03/09/2016Ramsden BellhouseClass C110
23/07/2016N.W. Kent ChClass B110
09/07/2016Eastleigh ChClass C65
04/06/2016BasingstokeClass B110
21/05/2016WarlinghamClass B110
14/05/2016CulverstoneClass B38
07/05/2016AylesburyClass B47
23/04/2016BAGSD OxheyClass B29
10/04/2016Sheffield GSD OpenClass B47


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