Class A League

Class A League (no other class level points should be in this league).  Click on any dog name to see their show results

  • Points in this league are accumulated for each dog via 1st to 6th places gained in Class A classes at Limit, Capped, Open and Championship Shows and NOCF 
  • Results in this League do not go forward to any other Class Leagues - but do go forward to any Breed & Rescue Leagues you have entered, your selected Area League and Club League (if Club is a member and is linked to your dog).

Class A League is Sponsored by

Millies Wolfheart Dog Food
Position Dog Breed Handler Points
1Dunburgh Taylor BoyGolden RetrieverLesley Nichols89
2Anabaron Stars N'stripesWorking SheepdogShelagh Page76
3Milo Of WellingWorking SheepdogBarbara Potter73
4Wychnmutts Zodiac LaveolusBorder CollieSerena Behagg71
5Sixela Twenty-four SevenBorder CollieMichelle Verrill66
6Jupavia Stars In Your Eyes At HighfleetBorder CollieCarolyn Tucker62
7Wolfcast By MoonlightBorder CollieLauren Jackson56
8Baldersbury Disco DivaWorking SheepdogKaren Dalgleish55
9Westoning Sporty NikeWorking SheepdogSandra Curry54
10Osketra SiriusGerman Shepherd DogKit Clow49
11Jarysmystic QuickfireGolden RetrieverGeoff Painting47
12Lightning Lilly Nov ExShetland SheepdogHeidi Dixon45
13Altricia Lace In LoveBorder CollieMaggie Moran44
13Sunnydean Reach For The SkyBorder ColliePatricia Williams44
13Corneroak Golden CirceGolden RetrieverAnnette Dowd44
16Kethinna Rock Star PoserBorder CollieVelma Sellens43
17Enchanted JolieGerman Shepherd DogJanet Cook35
18Friendborn FenellaGolden RetrieverPauline Hamilton33
19Carishill IsobellaGolden RetrieverSue Peachey32
20Sherbert TropicalGerman ShepherdRachel Chapman29
20Truggers Blue OnyxWorking SheepdogJacqueline Kelly29
22Tasskyar Milly The FaerydaeBorder CollieLesley Honeysett25
23Jemas Lightning ThiefCrossbreedKaren Lacey20
24Le Voleur NoirCrossbreedBeth Carroll19
25Jekyll JakeWorking SheepdogAndrew Bird10
25Kingsfarm Christmas ChorusBorder CollieJenny Harknett10
27Ay Up DuckieWorking SheepdogCarol Spencer9
28Foxbarton Prince HalBorder CollieAmy Carswell5
28Redcharisma So BeautifulBorder CollieLynne Weston5
28Tri Notta TrippWorking SheepdogAlice Cornish5


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